Otohub now markets batteries for passenger cars, vans, taxis, golf carts, lorries, tractors, trailers, boats, ships and aircrafts.  The batteries can be conventional or maintenance-free, enhanced flooded battery or absorbent glass mat battery. Otohub carries all these batteries for all vehicle types including European supercars to old Japanese cars, svelte Korean cars to economical Malaysian cars, push-button ignition to crank ignitions and whether it is SML or DIN, BCI or JIS.

Most of the batteries that Otohub deals with are from Korea (Sebang) and Indonesia (Astra).  Otohub also carries her own brand, Otopower and white-label for bulk orders.   Predominantly, most of Otohub products are marketed to dealers all across Malaysia.  If you are interested to become a dealer, please write us at 

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