Otohub Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd was started by 2 woman entrepreneurs. Ms Jane Soon and Ms Lin Sook Fun commenced business in 2007 with a number of years of experience in this male dominated marketplace.

After graduating from the University of Wolverhampton, Jane worked for a wine company based in Hangzhou, China and later in her family vehicle battery business.   It was in her Penang family business where she learned the technical ropes and business of vehicle batteries.  She then teamed up with her sister in-law, Sook Fun to co-found Otohub as she shares the passion of running the business.  Over time, using her marketing degree and experience, she was able to market Otohub successfully using contemporary ways and caters for the better-informed vehicle owners and drivers.

Otohub now has more than 200 distributors in Malaysia and employs 11 team members which is 100% Malaysians.

Don't know what battery for your car?

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OtoHub is the Sole Distributor of Global Batteries in Malaysia

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